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For people, society and the environment.

Connected to people, society and the environment.

At Facta, we understand that our actions affect people, society and the environment. That’s why we take our duty to society seriously, not because we have to, but because we want to.


Facta wouldn’t be here without its people. We’re very proud of them and take good care of them. We listen to them carefully and offer solutions to any problems they encounter. In this constantly changing world, it is very important to us that our people keep moving. Facta is a place where you can grow and keep growing. You learn the trade in practice, on the shop floor. Learning from each other and with each other. On top of that, we always strive to grow with training sessions and programmes. We care about the health of our people, and we encourage them to eat healthily, play sports and get plenty of exercise. How does that work in practice? You’ll find free fresh fruit in all our canteens. Our employees can enjoy discounts at gyms, and we’ve even given them standing desks, so they don’t have to sit down all day long.


The Earth is our greatest asset, and we have to protect it so that we can pass it on to the next generation. Facta is constantly working towards reducing the environmental impact of its work processes, e.g. by separating and cutting down on waste and reducing our carbon emissions. However, we can make the biggest impact by improving the production processes of our customers. We’re Smart Maintenance specialists for a reason.

Smart Maintenance


Young people are the future. Facta has launched various projects that aim to fire up students about the company and technical professions in general. We love having interns and we’ll do everything we can to give you the best possible support during your time here. On top of that, we organise job application training sessions for VMBO students to improve their chances of finding a job. Sometimes, things just turn out differently than expected, which is why Facta has given multiple people the chance to return to work in recent years. After all, everyone deserves the opportunity to take part in society.


Craftsmanship, quality and safety are paramount at Facta, as is evident from our certifications and accreditations.

Our certificates


Would you like to know which approach best suits your situation? Please feel free to contact us. Call +31 (0)88 6000 200 or e-mail us.

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