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Facta proud winner of 'IJmond Onderneemt'.


On November 18th, Facta received the award for the most outstanding company in the IJmond.

On November 18th, Facta received the award for the most outstanding company in the IJmond. 

Facta is the big winner of the ‘IJmond Onderneemt’ Award 2014! On November 18th, the company received the award for most outstanding company in the IJmond. ‘A great boost for our company’, says the delighted director Jeffrey Schotvanger. IJmond Onderneemt was organized for the fifth time. And each time the event gets more charisma. Now was the venue in Uitgeest in terms of entourage very festively decorated, an artistic duo performed and a wonderful and informative film of all the nominated companies was made. Therefore, during this event made possible by Rabobank IJmond, the few hundred entrepreneurs saw what made the nominees so special. 

Piece of recognition
Although Lashuis Haprotech and BSE IJmond also made a big impression on the jury, the IJmond Onderneemt Award went to Facta. As jury president Leen Wisker stated, Facta has the best mix in the field of business strategy, product development, quality assurance, style of management, internal organization, human resources, community involvements, public relations policy and financial management. Wisker: ‘Facta is a master in drive and pump technology. Over the past few years, Facta has grown out to a highly efficient run organization with over 130 motivated people. A company that in addition to its department rotating equipment also has a strong profile in elevators. Did you know that Facta is hired for no less than 70 percent of all mechanical malfunctions to elevators in the Netherlands. From the concept of service, Facta is of optimal service  to its customers.’

Director of Facta, Jeffrey Schotvanger, happily accepted the award: ‘This is so cool. I think it is also a piece of recognition to Facta and the development we have experienced lately. Particularly in the area of service, on which we have placed our focus. Thanks also to our employees. They are essential for the success. Therefore we are going to celebrate the award with all colleagues. It gives a great boost to our business.’