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Facta scores a 8.1 for customer satisfaction in 2016!.


Facta wants to continue to develop and this is only possible with input from its customers.

In December, we held our annual customer satisfaction survey. The aim of the study was therefore to understand how Facta is perceived by customers and where improvements need to be made. 

We have worked out the findings in the Infographic below. Some improvements will be readily visible, other improvements will be achieved in the long term. 

Happy and proud
We are very proud of the ​result. We are glad to note that you experience that our core values 'A deal is a deal, First time right, Customer-oriented and Flexibel act, and Working together' indeed characterise our cooperation. Your advice to us was: 'to continue what we do'.

Our challenge for 2017 is to get an even higher valuation. To do this, some specific tips and recommendations have been given to us. Naturally, we are going to work on them. For example, we will investigate how a further digitalisation of our business processes can contribute to improving our communication. 
We want to thank you for the taken effort in helping us to improve our service. If you have any questions and/or comments regarding the study, please do not hesitate to contact us.

KTO Terugkoppeling FACTA