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Facta realizes fish passage and salt water return IJsselmeer

Under the banner of Van den Herik-Sliedrecht, Facta realizes a fish passage and two salt water drainage systems. Fish circulation from the Waddenzee to the Ijsselmeer is hereby possible again. Where the Afsluitdijk previously was an obstacle for the fish, the fish passage now ensures the sustainability of the fish migration. This fish migration is possible because the existing drainage sluices at Den Oever and Kornwerderzand are opened a bit earlier than usual. 

However, the fish migration from the Waddenzee also means spreading of salt water into the Ijsselmeer. To prevent salinization of the Ijsselmeer, the two drainage sluices were equipped with two salt-water drainage systems. These carry the salt water that collects in the deep wells on the Ijsselmeer side of the sluice gates complexes back to the Waddenzee.

Facta played a prominent role in the control- and drive engineering design and physical realization of this ecological project. 

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