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Facta supports the ambition to improve the waste flows from De Egmonden

Together with the firm Van Gelder, Facta supports the ambitions of both the municipality Bergen and the water board Hollands NoorderKwartier to improve waste flows from De Egmonden. A complicated job, because of the need not to interrupt the discharge of sewage too long. The work is carried out in stages, which required coordination between all those involved, both the municipality of Bergen, the water board Hollands NoorderKwartier, Facta, Van Gelder, and the rain gods. 

Facta has delivered a final pumping station for waste water flows from De Egmonden. This end pumping station re-pumps the dirty water flows towards the purification of the water board Hollands NoorderKwartier. The PE pit of 3.5 meters deep accommodates two sewage pumps. The control system is, according to the latest requirements of the municipality of Bergen, set up with frequency converters to control the pumps. Additionally, coming from the water board Hollands NoorderKwartier. Another control unit is preferred in the pumping station for being able to check up on the management of the municipality.

Every day, the men were faced with minor challenges, but as can be seen in the attached picture, all was done with joy and in a fraternal atmosphere.  

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