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Facta Spijkenisse revises two cutter motors of 2740 kW

The Facta Spijkenisse team has taken care of the proper handling and carrying out all the required work involving the DC Cutter motors, machines with a power of 2740 kW at 650 rpm each, to jointly supply a torque comparable with approximately 45 heavy trucks.  

During the work on board of mv Leonardo da Vinci, the insulation value continuously fell significantly and serious carbon pollution occurred. Facta Spijkenisse has therefore proposed to re-wind the machines and to apply a VPI-treatment. After the performed Heatrun, which is comparable to full load during operation, the machines worked perfectly again with exceptionally good measurement values. The 23.5-ton weighing machines will have to serve at least another 20 years on board mv Leonardo da Vinci and were this week hoisted on board of a seagoing ship by a floating sheerleg, and the seagoing ship will sail the machines to the dock in Istanbul.  

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