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Prioritising continuity


Facta is brand-independent, which gives us freedom. We do have our preferences, of course, and if possible we work with premium brands.

Own winding shop

Under licence, our winders can (re)wind parts such as stators and anchors quickly and professionally.

Own VPI system

With our Vacuum Pressure Impregnation (VPI) system, we can treat your high-voltage windings with sustainable epoxy resin to protect them against dirt and moisture.

Large stock

We supply almost all original STAMFORD|AvK® and TD power systems® from stock. We also carry various generators in our large warehouse for the replacement market.


From power supplies in greenhouse horticulture, care homes, prisons, factories, airports or shipping facilities: continuity is the number 1 priority. At Facta, we will do everything in our power to prevent your generator from failing. And in the unlikely event that something does go wrong, we will be there for you. All over the world, 24 hours a day. 7 days a week. Making sure that factories keep running, harvests remain undamaged and nobody is left out in the cold.

  • CHP systems
  • Emergency power systems
  • No-break systems
  • Diesel generator sets
  • Gas generator sets
  • Wind turbines
  • All voltages and frequencies from 110V to 10kV AC and DC


No two service requests are the same and that is why we love what we do. Looking for someone to test your emergency power systems every year? We’ll schedule our mechanic for you. Would you rather avoid nasty surprises altogether and guarantee process continuity? We’ll lubricate your bearings and carry out periodic inspections and monitor vibrations in your CHP systems. The more complex your query or situation, the better it suits us. By thinking outside the box, we work with you to identify areas for innovation and ways to cut costs. That’s what we do.


Facta has its very own winding shop, manned by experienced winding specialists. It’s a craft we cherish deeply. From diesel generators for cargo ships or a generator for a CHP system used by a tomato grower; we’ll rewind them quickly and professionally. Because we do not depend on third parties, we can guarantee quality and short lead times. Naturally, we’ll work with you to analyse the problem and determine why the winding failed in the first place, before finding a way to prevent this from happening again.


After winding, you can opt to have the stator impregnated with a high-quality, environmentally friendly epoxy resin, which is an excellent insulator. We can even choose to use two epoxy resins with different viscosities. These epoxy resins are applied under pressure with our very own VPI installation. VPI stands for Vacuum Pressure Impregnation, a technique that is mainly used for high-voltage generators and pole rotors.


It goes without saying that you strive to prevent emergency situations altogether. If things do go wrong, though, you want minimal downtime. Facta has virtually all original spare parts for STAMFORD|AvK® and TD power systems® in stock, as well as various replacement generators.

To avoid missing out ever again, delegate your stock management to Facta. Together, we will decide which generators and parts are crucial for the continuity of your production process. Naturally, we’ll look at what we have in stock too, as there’s no need to invest in parts that we already have lying around. Just imagine what you can use all your extra space for, now that you no longer have to use it to store spare parts.


Facta is brand-independent, which gives us freedom. We do have our preferences, of course, and if possible we work with premium brands. We strive to find the very best solution for every situation.


Craftsmanship, quality and safety are paramount at Facta, as is evident from our certifications and accreditations.

Our certificates


Would you like to know which approach best suits your situation? Please feel free to contact us. Call +31 (0)88 6000 200 or e-mail us.

How can we be of service?

You can reach us 24/7 at 088 6000 200

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