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Optimise your machinery

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Nationwide coverage

Service comes first in everything we do. With 8 locations spread through the country, 300 professional employees and 100 service vans, we are there for you day and night.

13 smart maintenance specialists

Facta has 13 specialists who are fully committed to optimising your machinery.

Smart Maintenance,
what does that mean?

When something stops spinning, the whole chain can be affected. At Facta, we understand that like no other. You can always contact us for repairs and overhauls, but for us, maintenance means much more than that. Facta is at the cutting edge of Smart Maintenance. We will help you avoid downtime, improve your processes and increase your reliability.

The possibilities are enormous, to the extent that you may find yourself paralysed. Because if everything seems possible… where do you start? However, the fact that everything is possible does not mean that you have to do everything or do everything at once. We can start laying the foundations for smart maintenance together and see where we go from there!

Reactive maintenance

Do you have a problem with your rotating equipment right now? You can reach us day and night – we’ll get started right away.

Periodic maintenance

Opt for planned maintenance for greater certainty.

Condition-based maintenance

Determine the condition of your machinery by means of inspections or troubleshooting. Depending on the outcome, we will plan maintenance together.

Proactive maintenance

Actively collecting relevant measurement data to monitor the condition of your machinery. The aim is to prevent problems by identifying deviations.

Predictive maintenance

Based on algorithms and machine learning, determine when statistically speaking maintenance needs to be performed on your rotating equipment.


We know exactly what your business is all about. If you have a problem now, you want a solution right away. Not tomorrow. That’s why we’re always nearby. 24 hours a day. 7 days a week. Service comes first in everything we do. In order to be able to act quickly, we always have large numbers of electric motors, pumps and generators in stock. Never want to miss out again? Just let us manage your stock!


We know that you want to avoid unforeseen disruptions to your production process at all costs. Structural maintenance is a great way to prevent costly disruptions. If you’ve planned a short production stop, we’ll schedule our people right away. Have you planned a slightly longer stop? Overhauling 25 pumps or electric motors in two weeks’ time is a piece of cake for us. We approach our work with the down-to-earth enthusiasm you can expect from real go-getters.


We will carry out visual inspections or condition assessments to determine the condition of your machinery. Sometimes, we’ll only have to replace a seal. Sometimes a motor will have to be swapped out. In other cases, the problem may not be visible right away. That’s when we start troubleshooting. Using our advanced equipment, we’ll exclude potential causes step by step. We might even find an unexpected cause. Naturally, we’ll solve whatever problem we encounter. That’s what we do.


Proactive maintenance is a key principle of the digital factory of the future. Imagine periodic vibration monitoring, online monitoring and infrared thermography, to name but a few techniques and technologies. Everything depends on collecting the right data. And interpreting them, of course.  Facta specialists know their way around this proactive approach to maintenance. We monitor, analyse and advise, with the aim of increasing the uptime of your machinery. You can get started with proactive maintenance at several different levels. Data is worth its weight in gold. But what can you do with data? And which data do you need to achieve your objectives? Facta’s specialists will meet with you first to discuss and explore the best possible system for your situation, laying the foundation for predictive maintenance.


Predictive maintenance requires a good database that stores all the necessary data. Using algorithms and machine learning, the system can then tell you that your drive system is currently A-OKAY, for example, but that statistics predict that you will start experiencing problems between now and a certain time. For such a system to work properly, it’s important that we lay a sound foundation first. We’d love to sit down with you and talk about making your production process future-proof.

Smart Maintenance for…

For Food & Pharma

Reliably hygienic production processes

For Industry

Prevent downtime and improve your process

For Water Treatment

For dry feet and ample clean water

For Technical Services

Deployment of rotating equipment


Craftsmanship, quality and safety are paramount at Facta, as is evident from our certifications and accreditations.

Our certificates


Would you like to know which approach best suits your situation? Please feel free to contact us. Call +31 (0)88 6000 200 or e-mail us.

How can we be of service?

You can reach us 24/7 at 088 6000 200

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