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Walco Repair BV becomes Facta Spijkenisse BV.


From the 1st of june Walco Repair will continue under the name Facta Spijkenisse.

As known, for several years Walco is a part of Facta. The company has herby developed  as a reliable partner for providing service to your rotating equipment at your location or at our workplace.


Connecting the power of Walco and Facta creates a unique combination of skills and knowledge. As result we can serve our customers even more and play a leading role in service and maintenance as a brand.

Service is the mean key within our delivery package. Our service stands for speed, quality and reliability. Facta is a reliable partner in drive technology, lifting technology, control technology, sewage, and pumping. Facta supplies, maintains and revises your rotating equipment, pump installations and control panels.

The most complete specialist
This means that we have knowledge of the whole process;  electrical and mechanical. From remedying a malfunction to preventive / predictive maintenance tailor-made. From the electric motor / generator to a gearbox.

Our people are specialists with unprecedented craftsmanship and extremely high involvement. Our specialists are looking forward to solving problems with our customers, or more preferably .... to prevent.