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Elevator renovation Castle Gunterstein (Breukelen)

In 2011, Facta made the elevator installation that had been silent for years (+/- dated 1930) operational for the family Koole at Castle Gunterstein. However, there were some requirements that to be taken into account: 

- The appearance of the lift, the controls and visible parts should not be changed - Nevertheless the lift had to meet all guidelines

Facta has renovated the installation fitting all needs. The elevator machine was provided a new control system, the motor was overhauled and adapted to the new control system. In addition, the steel cables were replaced and the trapping protection and cage assembly were reconditioned. Everything was done with maintenance of the original appearance of the elevator and to the full satisfaction of the client.

In April 2016, we were approached once again, this time for maintenance of the elevator installation. After tightening the ropes and having provided the bearings with new lubricating oil, the installation can last for years again.  

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